Backpacking Food - Tuna Cakes

Backpacking Food – Tuna Cakes

Backpacking Food – Tuna Cakes with Remoulade 

There are days on the trail when you get to camp and all you want is to put something in your mouth as quickly as possible. This recipe is not for those days. Although a little fussier (and messier for the cook) than most recipes we use, these tuna cakes are amazing for an evening at camp when you have the time and energy! Adapted from here.

Fuel effeciency – 2 sporks

Ease – 3 sporks

Prep time – 3 sporks

Serves 2

½ package Stovetop Stuffing

1 pouch tuna

5 packets mayo

3 packets relish

1 packet ketchup

1 packet hot sauce (optional)

1 T* vegetable oil, plus more for frying

3 T* water

*These are approximate measurements. I am not hardcore enough to carry measuring spoons in my pack.

At home:

Dump stuffing mix and all unopened packets/pouches in a quart-sized ziploc. Be sure to include a small squeeze bottle of oil and a snack-sized ziploc for mixing the remoulade. 

At camp:

Add tuna, 1 packet relish, 3 packets mayo, 1 T of vegetable oil, and the water to the stuffing mix in the ziploc bag. Seal bag and massage until the contents are all mixed.

Combine remaining 2 mayo packets with the ketchup, hot sauce, and relish in the smaller ziplock bag.

Coat the bottom of your cookpot with oil. Take about a quarter of the stuffing mixture and form it into a patty. Fry until golden brown. Serve with a good dollop of remoulade.

backpacking food - tuna cake
Cake of awesomeness with generous smear of remoulade.


Notes: Your hands will get really messy when forming the patties. Have some wet-wipes or a bandana handy! Make sure to give each cake plenty of time to set up in the pan before you attempt to turn it. My first couple turned into a hash rather than a cake. Give it at least 3-5 minutes before you flip.


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