7 days of backpacking food-Prepping for a week in Olympic National Park

Rather than type out a long-winded introduction, let’s get straight to the food. This is what fueled us on a recent week-long backpacking trip in Olympic National Park – backpacking food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks per day for two people. I’m including weights and calorie counts where possible.

Backpacking Breakfasts:

Packed Breakfasts

  • Clif bars (Breakfast on the last morning is always bars of some sort so we can get on our way.)
  • Biscuits and gravy
  • Breakfast burritos (for 2 days) (8 oz/530 calories per serving)
  • Instant oatmeal (purchased and homemade, 3 days)

Backpacking Lunches:

Backpacking Lunches - Packed Lunches
I’m not especially creative when it comes to lunches. Simple and tasty is the way to go.
  • Trail PB & J (3 days)  (pita bread, squeezable apple sauce, and Justin’s nut butter singles)
  • Sausage/cheese/bread (4 days) (4 oz of summer sausage or salami, 4 Babybel cheese wheels, Wasa crackers or pita bread, and mustard)

Backpacking Dinners:

Backpacking Food - Packed Dinners

  • Sun-dried Tomato and Salami Mac N Cheese (4.8 oz/503 calories/serving)
  • Chicken and Vegetable Peanut Noodles* (5.3 oz per serving)
  • Falafel Wraps (8 oz/570 calories per serving)
  • Cheesy Rice and Sausage (7.7 oz/460 calories per serving) No real recipe for this one. It’s just a package of this with 4 oz. of summer sausage and 1.5 oz of cream cheese. Toss it in your cook pot, then heat, and eat.)
  • Cheese and Bacon Potatoes (4.3 oz/460 calories per serving)
  • Taco Potatoes* (instant mashed potatoes with half a package of instant taco filling and a package of powdered cheese sauce. It’s salty but so good!)
  • Cheese and Sausage Plate (Basically the same as the cheese and sausage lunch, but with the addition of a couple of single-serving boxes of wine)

*The spices used in these meals are crazy odoriferous. If you don’t want your tent, sleeping bag, clothes, and everything else in your bag to smell like tacos and curry for your next 3 trips, I strongly recommend carrying them in one of these.

Backpacking Snacks:

Backpacking Food - daily snacks

  • Trader Joe’s chocolate trek mix
  • Hershey’s nuggets
  • Beef jerky
  • Maple sriracha chex mix (This recipe with 3 Tbs maple syrup added. 232 calories per 2/3 cup)
  • Logan bread (This recipe with dried cranberries in place of the raisins and some vanilla extract and cinnamon added. 271 calories for 1/18th of the recipe)

I was initially concerned that there wasn’t enough variety, especially in the lunches and snacks, but it turned out not to be a problem. The logan bread and chex mix were both big hits, even on day six!


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